Fifth about The Seventh

Hedi (Inhebbek Hedi)

Hedi: it’s a welcome peek into different social conventions that is presented by Mohamed Ben Attia in this drama, but the ponderous pace and the protagonist’s apathy makes a deeper emotional connection harder to achieve. The story starts slowly, but introduces the situation with great clarity; the way it unfurls is not as satisfying, however. None of the blame falls on Majd Mastoura’s lap, as his creation of the title character as an insecure, somewhat pathetic man is a very fine performance. The other members of the cast are fine but far from memorable. Frédéric Noirhomme’s handheld camerawork imprints some intimacy on the proceedings, but it is a bit tiresome in its unattractiveness. Omar Aloulou’s sparse musical score is somewhat odd.

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