Fifth about The Seventh

The Third Murder (Sandome no Satsujin)

The Third Murder: Kore-eda Hirokazu’s ponderous, precise court drama has a fine story to tell, and it enriches that with interesting considerations on determinism, free will and justice. The pace may be slow, but the experience is rewarding, thought-provoking. The performances are subdued and efficient: Yakusho Koji is quiet and subtle, and also hard to comprehend fully, a cypher that aims only at remain unbroken; Fukuyama Masaharu is fine as the man trying to unentangle that mess; Hirose Suzu is touching in her smaller role. The cinematography of Mikiya Takimoto is cold, both in the colors and the very still framing (particularly in the scenes with Yakusho). Ludovico Einaudi musical score is very beautiful.

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