Fifth about The Seventh

All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World: Ridley Scott’s film is divided in two halves that don’t complete a satisfying whole: by one hand, it tries to be a kidnapping thriller and, by the other, an essay on human ambition (through a look at the soul of J. Paul Getty). Neither turns out to be well-served enough: the thriller has low energy and very little suspense (perhaps due to the fact that, as this is after all inspired in true events, it marches towards a known result), while the character study doesn’t have enough time to delve too deeply and show an interesting enough figure. All the characters share the same issue, so while Michelle Williams and Christopher Plummer perform well and convincingly, they are still somewhat one-dimensional. There’s also some coldness that come from the images themselves; cinematographer Dariusz Wolski’s images are slightly desaturated. Production values (costumes, art direction) are solid.



  1. Fi,

    Tudo bem? Happy New cinematográfico Ano Novo!

    O que achou do Phanton Tread?

    Vou hoje assistir Water ou Churchill… Agora, parece que estou melhor da saúde e estou colocando as idas ao cinema em dia. Vou amar falar com você semper.





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