Fifth about The Seventh

Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel: the story Woody Allen tells here has traces both of inspiration and of some of his past movies, but it didn’t really go anywhere and felt tired after a bit. In addition, some characters are just too precious and gratuitously so. By the other hand, it has some really strong elements. Santo Loquasto’s production design is beautiful and inspired, and so are Suzy Benzinger’s costumes. It’s all captured by the superb camerawork of Vittorio Storaro; his camera moves are elegant, and his lighting is colorful, dynamic and very expressive (it’s also, by result, a bit artificial, however). Kate Winslet’s electric performance also stands out: she alternates at ease sexiness, vulnerability, insecurity. Juno Temple and Jim Belushi are better than fine, but the same can’t be said about Justin Timberlake, as he looks the part but can’t pull it off convincingly.


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