Fifth about The Seventh


Suburbicon: George Clooney’s film tells two barely connected stories and, with barely any ounce of subtlety, displays in full view the ugly underbelly of suburban society. One of the stories is barely developed, and feel like an afterthought, tacked-on; the other is pure Coen brothers, a bit absurd but darkly funny, but offers few characters to care about. Ultimately, the film tries too much and accomplishes not nearly enough. Matt Damon manages to be both sinister and pathetic; Julianne Moore is fine, but somwhat wasted; Oscar Isaac has a nice but short participation; the one performer that stands out, however, is young Noah Jupe, who emotes very convincingly. Robert Elswit’s camerawork is elegant; the production design is spot-on; Alexandre Desplat’s musical score touches all the different needs: it at times moody and suspenseful, at times playful and light.


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