Fifth about The Seventh

The Villainess (Ak-Nyeo)

The Villainess: the story is rarely the raison d’etre of action films, but this Byung-gil Jung’s work may be a rare case where there is too much story. There are so many fake identities, double-crossings and triple-crossings that it’s sometimes hard to understand who is fighting whom and why. Nevertheless, the major objectives for the protagonist are easy enough to comprehend and relate to. The action is intense and violent, and  some of the set-pieces, very impressive. However, the use of a quasi subjective camera (and very wide lens) can be confusing, making some of the action hard to follow. Nevertheless, Jung-hun Park’s camerawork is impressive; Sun-mi Heo’s editing could have helped matters if it was a bit slower at times. Ok-bin Kim, as the protagonist, is a strong presence, and she holds herself quite well in the action sequences.


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