Fifth about The Seventh

A Movie Life (O Filme da Minha Vida)

A Movie Life: Selton Mello’s drama is delicate and touching, but the story has too little meat on its bones. The slow-moving pace is somewhat precious (something that was established by the needlessly ponderous, whispered opening voice-over), but the film has beautiful visuals. It’s a dreamy setting, the art direction is lovingly made, both nicely captured by Walter Carvalho’s cinematography (the artificial color correction is an exception); it seems, however, that the film is too much in love with its look. It’s an interesting casting. Vincent Cassel is the top-liner here, doing good work in a language that is not his own; Selton Mello has a cold, distance character to play; Johnny Massaro is fine in the central role. The song selection is varied and delightful.


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