Fifth about The Seventh

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Guy Ritchie’s film is the latest entry in the unfortunate list of epics or adventure movies that use a recognizable name but very little else of the original material; all those films end up being interchangeable, generic. This one has a very confusing story, and it’s also a bad match for the visual style of director Ritchie. He sticks to his usual ticks (editor James Herbert uses many speed ramps; the film jumps back and forth in time, to name a couple), which in this case are a distraction and create action sequences which are borderline incomprehensible. Cinematographer John Mathieson’s images are often dark and murky, adding to that issue; also, they hide the exceptional work of costume and set design. Daniel Pemberton’s musical score is different and fresh, a good match to the (erroneous) aesthetical choices. Out of the cast, Charlie Hunnam as the titular character is better than the generic, moustache-twirling villain played by Jude Law.


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