Fifth about The Seventh

Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island: Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ film does not pretend to have much of a story, it just aims to entertain. It partially manages it, as the film is barely thrilling, as there’s never too much emotionally at stake. The cast size is more massive than the many creatures in the film, and therein lies the issue: too many characters, but essentially not one that attracts and connects, as they are all there to have gruesome deaths (or avoid it, as the case may be). In addition to being huge, it’s an attractive cast, one that is just stuck with cardboard characters (and a great paycheck, more likely than not). The only one that stands out and deserves accolades is John C. Reilly. The location is well-chosen, and the special effects impressively create many kinds of creatures; sound design is also strong. The film also showcases a nice soundtrack, even if it’s overcooked a tad.


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