Fifth about The Seventh

Moonlight (2016)

MoonlightMoonlight: Barry Jenkins takes a very caring look at characters that, usually, are marginal to the story (or at the center of a story that de-humanize them). The journey we follow is precious in that sense; however, the structure hides the major transformations of the main character (or rather, tells about them instead of showing them). As such, the emotional connection with him is severed. Acting is uneven: Alex Hibbert and Ashton Sanders are a bit one-noted in their performances, but Trevante Rhodes is fine. The supporting players fare generally better: André Holland is very interesting; Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris are both great. Director of photography James Laxton’s camerawork is very rich: the camera is agile, elegant, dynamic. The editing of Joi McMillon and Nat Sanders has some poetic moments and is solid within the segments, but cannot save (and should not be blamed by) the weak structure.

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