Fifth about The Seventh

Live by Night

Live by NightLive by Night: Ben Affleck’s film is trying to cover too much ground with its plot; not much of it is interesting, and all of it feels rushed, toothless, thrilling-less. The same go for the characters: there are a lot of them, but most don’t register and are rather shallow, one-dimensional. In spite of the tag line in the poster, that never comes into play and the main character is as rushedly written and dull as the others. (The romances don’t register, either.) It’s a large cast, mostly wasted: Elle Fanning, Chris Cooper and Brendan Gleeson leave a bit of an impression; Affleck himself doesn’t leave much of one as the main character. The film, however, looks great: Jacqueline West’s costumes are beautiful, Jess Gonchor’s production design is detailed and rich; all captured by the efficient lensing of Robert Richardson.


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