Fifth about The Seventh

The Red Turtle (La Tortue Rouge)

The Red TurtleThe Red Turtle: Michaël Dudok de Wit is not quite telling a story, per se, but showing how life is in one particular situation (with more than a hint of fantasy mixed in); the film is contemplative, patient, poetic and delightful. The animation is absolutely gorgeous; the hand-drawn characters move beautifully and, while simple, are very attractive to look at; the environment (limited as it may be) is always astounding, much like a dynamic watercolor painting. The use of colors is very rich, in particular the way nights are portrayed. While the film is dialogue-free, sound is a very important element and it’s very well designed: Laurent Perez Del Mar’s musical score is beautiful, and the multitude of natural noises, realisticly represented.



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  2. Like all of the Studio Ghibli output, the animation storylines always serve as something of an allegory for the nation of its originator. Like a heavily-sauced takoyaki purchased street-level , or a generous okonomiyaki enjoyed from a Dotonbori vantage point, one viewing is just never enough and you sense that you have barely scratched the surface of a place with hidden depths that are all worth the effort in plumbing. Wonderful.

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