Fifth about The Seventh

A Man Called Ove (En Man som Heter Ove)

oveA Man Called Ove: Hannes Holm is telling a story in this film that resembles many before, so this feels, partially, a tired rehash; but, as it’s usually the case, it’s the specific characteristics that will make or break. Here, the dry and black sense of humour, as well as the characters that raise this above the mediocre. Also, the flashbacks provide good insight into the motivations of the characters, enriching the narrative. The cast is in fine shape: Rolf Lassgård plays his ill-humored old man quite well, and Bahar Pars is also very good as the force of nature that gets the story moving. The film looks good: the cinematography of Göran Hallberg looks slick (with a touch of magic to its lighting), and the production design is well-done.


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