Fifth about The Seventh

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane10 Cloverfield Lane: Dan Trachtenberg presents a film that is thrilling, suffocating, surprising, no matter how silly the starting point may (or may not) be. It’s a chamber piece, and as such, the players are even more critical than usual. John Goodman manages to be very scary, crazy, but not altogether unlikable (the narrative smartly makes sure of it); Mary Elizabeth Winstead displays the pluckiness and resourcefulness required for her character; both of them are excellent, and John Gallagher Jr. as the third element is fine. Jeff Cutter’s cinematography is appropriately claustrophobic (even when it’s not supposed to be anymore), and the space is very clearly defined and designed; Stefan Grube’s editing keeps the story moving at a good pace.


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