Fifth about The Seventh

Jackie (2016)

JackieJackie: Pablo Larraín made a cold, peculiar film; it doesn’t as much tell the story of the title character, as it paints her portrait in a very specific moment in time. By design, she is a detached, distant cypher, and therefore, so is the experience as a whole. Natalie Portman builds an inscrutable character; she looks the part, and she mimics the speech tempo of Jackie very well, but it’s a performance as hard to empathize with as it’s easy to intellectually appreciate. The film has great production values: Madeline Fontaine’s costumes are a great recreation, and the same can be said of Jean Rabasse’s production design; Mica Levi’s musical score is odd, minimalist, but also a perfect match to the film’s mood and intentions; cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine’s grainy images emulate footage of that period, but like everything else, the framing is slightly off-putting.


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