Fifth about The Seventh

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw RidgeHacksaw Ridge: war is hell, and there is an incredible number of stories that prove that point; Mel Gibson’s film, however, doesn’t show anything particular new here. The central character is well-fleshed out and interesting, and wonderfully played by Andrew Garfield; his is an inspiring story, but the film, albeit competent that it is, fails to be exciting or rousing; the problem lies on the fact that no other character is nearly as well-developed, certainly not enough to call for emotional involvement. Technically, it’s well put together; sound work is top-notch, make-up displays proudly all the gory details of wounds, production design is meticulous. Rupert Gregson-Williams’s music is a tad overblown and loud, however; also, Simon Duggan’s camerawork and John Gilbert’s editing make the battle scenes more confusing than they should be.



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