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Spectre (2015)

SpectreSpectre: in spite of all being spy franchises with penchant for preposterous action sequences, there are elements that make 007 movies a 007 movie, Bourne movies a Bourne movie and, to a lesser extent, M:I movies a M:I movie; that matters, at the risk of becoming just a generic action film. In that sense, Sam Mendes entry is nice throwback to old-school 007 films and it comes back (almost) full circle. However, the plot is overly busy and unengaging, and the movie turns out to be unexciting. Léa Seydoux cuts a nice figure as a Bond girl, but is handed a bland role to play; even thought Christoph Waltz oozes threat, his character isn’t charismatic. Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema’s first shot is prodigious, and some of what follows is interesting enough to raise this work much above a generic actioner. Thomas Newman’s score could use the original theme more.

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