Fifth about The Seventh

The Walk (2015)

The WalkThe Walk: Robert Zemeckis’ tells a story that is (at least, the way it’s told) less interesting than the feat that ends it. As it turns out, the experience is unexciting, even somewhat dull. The main issue is that the gallery of characters is unengaging; the main character is also a bit unpleasant, to at the end, there’s little reason to connect to him and his deeds. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is able to pull off the character’s only trait in display, his arrogance; he is convincing in the physicality, but there’s little else for him (and even less so for the rest of the cast) to do. Dariusz Wolski’s free-flowing camera makes this visually attractive (with one notable exception); Alan Silvestri’s jazzy score is enjoyable and fits the film well.


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