Fifth about The Seventh


Senna: a competent, somewhat emotional, but ultimately quite square documentary. As a Brazilian watching it (one that followed F-1 driving quite intensely at that time, in particular, but, as it’s well documented, one that’s never been anything close to a Senna fan), one feels as if a particular dimension is missing. The Piquet-Senna rivalry split the country, still does, and it’s not even acknowledged in the film. It also doesn’t really touch how important an idol he was for the country, undeniably. So that’s a very foreigner point of view. By the other hand, the pro-Senna bias is very well-known to any Brazilian, this idea that he has above reproach. Anyway, interestingly enough, the doc seems to speak better to people who are not quite the racing fans, since those are the people who won’t see anything new, just a collage of known facts. But those “uninformed” people were the body of his fanhood, so it works well in that regard.

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