Fifth about The Seventh

A Tale of Springtime (Conte de Printemps)

A Tale of Springtime: not only the flowers are blooming in Éric Rohmer’s enchanting drama, but also, more relevantly, a fast friendship between two young women. The dialogue is pretty much wall-to-wall, but always interesting, and it allows the four characters of the film to be explored further and further. The performances are discreet, easy-going, but effective: Anne Teyssèdre, as the centered and elegant philosophy teacher, has a good rapport with Florence Darel, the bubbly, lovely music student. Hugues Quester, as the student’s father, is equal parts awkward and a womanizer. The film has a simple look and cinematographer Luc Pagès’ unfussed work makes good use of its old-fashioned (and book-filled) Parisian apartments and country homes.

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