Fifth about The Seventh

Maior que o Mundo

Maior que o Mundo: it is symptomatic that the atrocious sound design of Beto Marquez’s comedy drowns the dialogue and makes it very hard to understand what the characters are saying: they have nothing interesting to say, and neither does the film itself. It follows a writer with some severe sophomore writer’s block, but not one iota of his misadventures is, by any measure, interesting. The protagonist is unsympathetic and dull, the supporting characters are dull, and the antagonist is dull. Yes, it is all dull. Acting, by all parts involved (Eriberto Leão, Luana Piovani, Gabi Lopes, et al) is over-the-top and very hard to swallow. The only saving grace (unless the 100% gratuitous sex and nudity counts, and it doesn’t) is cinematographer Pedro Farkas’ work, which injects some colorful lights into the frames. Even short, the film feels long, but there was not much the editor Jair Peres could do with this material.

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