Fifth about The Seventh

Happening (L’Événement)

Happening: even if Audrey Diwan’s film was not topically very relevant right now, it would still be an excellent, extremely powerful drama. A masterclass on the reasons why women should have agency over their own bodies, the film follows a young student who gets pregnant; realizing the life she envisioned for herself may get over, she decides for an abortion. The film takes a very clearheaded look at the physical and mental impacts of limited access to the procedure. The camera of cinematographer Laurent Tangy is always looking at the protagonist in wonderfully choreographed and lensed shots (except in one instance, which is a meaningful aesthetic choice); it is her story after all. Of course, that means that Anamaria Vartolomei is always on frame, and she makes the most out of it; it is a beautiful performance; she keeps her emotions mostly bottled up. but her intelligence and strength are always on display. To put it simply, she is magnetic. The musical score by Evgueni and Sacha Galperine is very unusual, quietly underscoring the growing urgency of the situation.

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