Fifth about The Seventh

Palm Springs (2020)

Palm Springs: Max Barbakow’s mild riff of a much beloved and oft-repeated blueprint turns the formula a bit on its ear, both by adding multiple characters to the time loop and by giving some explanation as to why the phenomenon happens in the first place. A crucial element is maintained: even at their most nihilistic, the main characters are engaging and sympathetic, easy to root for. They are well-defended by Andy Samberg, whose character has been too long at this game to be much affected by anything anymore, and Cristin Milioti, as the newcomer who still harbors some hope of escaping. J.K. Simmons is entertaining and a bit touching in his smaller role. The director of photography Quyen Tran captures the action in solar tones, and the pair of editors (Andrew Dickler and Matt Friedman) keep the story moving at a brisk pace, while still milking it for its comedy.

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