Fifth about The Seventh

Racer and the Jailbird (Le Fidèle)

Racer and the Jailbird: it cannot be said that Michaël R. Roskam’s love story goes where it is expected to. It takes some courage to sacrifice the film’s greatest asset and turn the story in its ear, making the film sadder and generally less pleasing; now, different doesn’t make it automatically good or bad, but it is definitely interesting. The two leads, impossibly attractive with lovely chemistry, are Matthias Schoenaerts (who plays a tough and charming bank robber) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (a rich race car driver); both are effective in their roles. The film is exceptionally well put-together, with a few bank heists very well choreographed and shot by cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis and some exciting driving sequences on and off the racetrack. Composer Raf Keunen’s musical score is dynamic and always tone-appropriate.

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