Fifth about The Seventh


Jerichow: Christian Petzold’s film is a long sequence of faints: it pretends it’s from a genre it’s not, it pretends its characters are what they are not, it turns where you don’t quite expect in directions that are surprising but ultimately engaging ones. Benno Fürmann was a good choice to play the protagonist; at first glance, he seems a bit of a thug, but his acting reveals some hidden gentleness to him. Hilmi Sözer is fine as the man who hires him, playing him with some gentle warmth until he doesn’t. Nina Hoss, as the boss’ young wife, has layers on top of her steaminess. Composer Stefan Will provides a gentle musical score with some clear, quiet romantic undertones. Cinematographer Hans Fromm shoots it all elegantly, and editor Bettina Böhler gives the film a tight and nice pace.

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