Fifth about The Seventh

Charulata (1964)

Charulata: Satyajit Ray’s delicate drama takes a look at a woman who is not satisfied with just being a housewife, even to a loving husband; it is a gilded cage, but one nevertheless, both literally and symbolically. The action rarely leaves the house, a beautiful work by production designer Bansi Chandragupta, as if to make that clear. So her desire, to be more than she is allowed to be, is something that can be easily relatable. Acting by the central trio is quite good: Madhavi Mukherjee, as the title character; Shailen Mukherjee, as her husband; Soumitra Chatterjee, as his young cousin who inspires and tempts her to be more. Cinematographer Subrata Mitra overlights some scenes, but his camera movements, framings, and choices of lenses are all top-notch. The music, by Ray himself, is beautiful.

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