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The Mole Agent (El Agente Topo)

The Mole Agent: Maite Alberdi switches gears during her documentary, going from a comedic spy movie to a sweet and heartfelt look into a retirement home. The film’s main subject, Sergio Chamy, is a great character, a lovable and sensible gentleman who, not surprisingly, cares less about his mission than he does about human beings and their welfare. His interactions with the numerous elderly ladies of the nursing home are filled to the brim with humanity, sweet and bitter both, and his journey to the end may seem obvious in retrospect, but it still is entertaining and touching all the way. It is beautifully put together by editor Carolina Siraqyan, who finds the emotional center and keeps the comedy present. Cinematographer Pablo Valdés clearly drinks from film noir sources for some of his framings. The musical score, by Vincent van Warmerdam, fits the film, nailing the tone even as it switches.

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