Fifth about The Seventh

A Perfect Plan (Un Plan Parfait)

A Perfect Plan: following the blueprint of the opposites-who-attract-each-other down to a T, Pascal Chaumeil’s romantic comedy is charming but, needless to say, far from being original. The starting concept is cute, but whatever it is, as usual, eventually it becomes irrelevant. Enhanced by the varied locations (ranging from cold cities to warm steppes), two fine protagonists, and a few supporting turns, the entertainment value is high. Diane Kruger looks great in the role, and she is quite funny as the woman trying her best to lose love; Dany Boon is hilarious as the man with puppy eyes who knows he struck gold; Jonathan Cohen also is quite good in his smaller role. The film, aesthetically, is polished and well-made, enough to not get in front of the story, for better or worse.

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