Fifth about The Seventh

The Bra

The Bra: the premise of Veit Helmer’s romantic comedy of sorts may sound a bit cringe-inducing, but the execution is so sweet and the main character, so good-natured, this turns out to be a light fable. The film’s setting is quite specific, but as it is dialogue-free, the tale becomes universal (and universally consumable without any barriers, too); in any case, the quest for human contact is a concept easy to grasp and connect to. Miki Manojlović, as the old man about to lose his usual means of human contact, gives a fine performance; he is mostly silent, but very expressive, including a fine use of posture. Most of what he does is react to his surroundings, and often those are hilarious. The rest of the cast is also very charming, and very apt with the light physical comedy. The film is well-shot (by cinematographer Felix Leiberg) and has distinctive locations, but the star of the below-the-line show is the sound design (the movie is dialogue-free but far from silent, as it has plenty of synchronous sounds), including composer Cyril Morin’s beautiful and lively music.

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