Fifth about The Seventh

Divine Love (Divino Amor)

Divine Love: it certainly is an intriguing story that Gabriel Mascaro has to tell in his film. Its central element, the desire for motherhood, is very recognizable, but the surrounding details, mostly the heavy religious undertones (and overtones) this future society has, provide the film with its freshness and uneasiness. The story is generous, non-judgemental with the main characters, always a plus. Dira Paes gives a finely tuned performance, responding to a multi-faceted and interesting character. Julio Machado is also good, in a simpler and smaller role. The film is beautifully shot by cinematographer Diego García; he foregoes the traditional coverage, using instead a cold and quiet (but far from static) camera, looking at the action from a respectable distance in extended shots. The modern-looking locations are well used, along with the simple but efficient production design helps to set the film in the near future.

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