Fifth about The Seventh

Long Way Home (Temporada)

Long Way Home: in a sense, André Novais Oliveira’s tight little drama is populated by characters which are usually relegated to being just background; it is, therefore, a welcome change of pace to see a film that follows the quiet lives of simple, good people. The result is a very humane, touching experience. At its center is a very fine performance by Grace Passô, subdued, sad but nevertheless strong. The other performances are likewise quiet, but very effective; the exception is Russo Apr, who has a bit of a clownish character in his hands, and while it’s not a bad performance by any means, it stands out a bit too much. Director of photography Wilssa Esser keeps the camera quiet, neutral, observant, and editor Gabriel Martins refrains from using tradition coverage of the dialogues. This aesthetic certainly matches well the rhythm of the characters lives.

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