Fifth about The Seventh

The Guilty (Den Skyldige)

The Guilty: Gustav Möller’s suspense is a fine example that much can be done with very little, if only you have the right story and the proper pieces in play. The plot, simple as it is, allows for good insight into the characters (at least, the traits that matter) and how they operate under asymmetric information. Of the (few) pieces in play, the most crucial is Jakob Cedergren, whose face is pretty much all that is seen through the film (Jasper Spanning’s camera stays very close to him and little else is in focus, which makes thematic sense); his performance, with many tones of voice that suggest quite a lot about him, is a very impressive one. The sound design of Oskar Skriver creates a rich sonic landscape that is likewise essential; what the main character hears is almost all the information there is available to him, so every little detail matters.

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