Fifth about The Seventh

The Invisibles (Die Unsichtbaren)

The Invisibles: while there may be undeniable power in the stories that Claus Räfle is telling in this film, the format wastes that potential and keeps this rather emotionally flat. The film shifts from docudrama to documentary, and ends up weakening both aspects: the drama is unremarkable, an issue that is worsened by the fact that the stories are mostly unrelated; the documentary side is not particularly informative (it does, however, shine a light on the machinery that was in place to help, not harm, the Jewish during that time). Acting is fine, but far from exciting due to the low-key nature of the whole. Below the line, the film is clean but also far from memorable: production and costume designs are excessively clean, which is unconvincing due to the nature of the story. The use of archival footage ends up being distracting, as it clashes with the look of the reenactment.

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