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Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread: Paul Thomas Anderson is very deliberate, detailed, ponderous as he tells the story of a very unusual relationship. In that regard, the film mirrors the way the main character works: it requires some patience, but it’s very rewarding. The trio of central characters is a fine collection of strong, interesting people. The performances are all great: Lesley Manville is the subtlest of the three, but there’s no doubt how imperious and dedicated her character is, just by the way she gazes at her surroundings; Daniel Day-Lewis is solid as he normally is, subtle (until he isn’t), caring, arrogant, strong and vulnerable; Vicky Krieps is a great find, mirroring many of all these characteristics, but on her own way. It’s marvelous to see these three play off each other. The film is very well-crafted: shot by Anderson (with the support of camera and G&E departments), the framing is exquisite, while the light sometimes is a tad sub-par. Mark Bridges’ costume design is fantastic, which is almost a requirement given Day-Lewis’ character profession. Jonny Greenwood’s musical score is also remarkable: at times very romantic, sometimes just dissonant enough to showcase the sense of unease.

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