Fifth about The Seventh

Borg McEnroe

Borg McEnroe: to his credit, Janus Metz takes this rivalry between two complicated and somewhat unlikable men and does not make a hero out of either of them. While there is some focus disparity between them, both are presented as round and interesting characters, which makes the whole experience richer. The cast is fine: Sverrir Gudnason has the advantage of proper physique du rôle, and he is convincing in both the more and less serene moments of the character; Shia LaBeouf nails the bad-boy vibe, but also manages well the vulnerability of his; Tuva Novotny is fine as well. The film has a good look, one that doesn’t call too much attention to itself but is faithful to the era: starting from cinematographer Niels Thastum’s choice of (apparent) stock to costume design and set decoration. The editing of Per Sandholt and Per K. Kirkegaard distances itself from what is seen on a tennis match, but makes it more exciting.


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