Fifth about The Seventh

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde: while the main selling point of David Leitch’s spy action film is not its plot, it has, nevertheless, a pulpy intricacy that makes it, by itself, entertaining (even if, needless to say, it is shallow and fast on the details). Charlize Theron is solid: she has the physique du rôle, is convincing in the action scenes and brings the right level of emotion to the role. James McAvoy finds the right level of smarminess in his performance. The action sequences, in fact the raison d’être of this, deliver: well choreographed and realized, dynamic and fun. In big part, this accomplishment has to be shared with both cinematographer Jonathan Sela (who imprints a colorful look to the locations) and editor Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir. The time-appropriate selection of songs add a lot to the film’s energy and entertainment value.


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