Fifth about The Seventh


AlliedAllied: Robert Zemeckis’ plot revolves around a relationship; the problem is, as the connection is not there, everything around it crumbles: the urgency doesn’t generate suspense, the involvement with the story doesn’t grow, the romance doesn’t engage. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are strong and attractive performers, but they display little screen chemistry here; they are not completely to blame, however, as their characters are presented as consummate professionals and the transition to the second half of the film feels tacked in, inorganic. (As do some superfluous modernities that are out-of-place and add nothing to the story at hand.) The film has, nevertheless, great production values: Joanna Johnston’s costume design and Gary Freeman’s production design are top-notch, well-captured by the cinematography of Don Burgess. Alan Silvestri’s musical score barely registers.


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