Fifth about The Seventh

Compartment No. 6 (Hytti nro 6)

Compartment No. 6: Juho Kuosmanen’s delicate, restrained drama is a slow burn, but it hits the target nevertheless, quietly being a champion for human connections, no matter how unexpected they might be. It follows the journey of a young woman, both literally (towards a port city deep in the Russian North that has a group of petroglyphs) and figuratively (from a dead-end relationship, toward the key for her to understand herself), as she is bunked with a young Russian man. Essentially the only two characters in the film, they are both subtly well-played: Seidi Haarla plays the melancholic young woman, while Yuriy Borisov plays the boastful but sensitive young man. Cinematographer J-P Passi mostly captures the action from up close, relating to their limited space; it opens up at the appropriate moment. Editor Jussi Rautaniemi gives the film a nice pace. Production designer Kari Kankaanpää credibly recreates a time and place.

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