Fifth about The Seventh

Freestyle (En Roue Libre)

Freestyle: this film, directed by Didier Barcelo, is supposed to be a dramatic comedy; as a comedy, it is hopelessly unfunny, and as a drama, it offers little insight into the psyche of its two protagonists. The starting point of the road movie is unconvincing, as are the motivations of the characters to continue in it. Their quirks (she has a panic attack and suddenly can’t leave her car, he wants to cross the country with a gun and a plan) are more annoying than they are interesting or appealing. Marina Foïs and Benjamin Voisin are merely OK in their respective roles, and no one else in the cast leaves a mark. Aesthetically, the film is non-descript, failing to make use of the French landscape to at least showcase some charming or attractive locations.

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