Fifth about The Seventh

Boy from Heaven / Cairo Conspiracy (Walad min al-Janna)

Boy from Heaven: Tarik Saleh’s political thriller takes place in an unlikely location, the inner walls of a prestigious Egyptian religious academy. The novelty of the setting makes this quite interesting from the get-go, but the film works hard to be effective at every step, as it mixes politics and religion, and the politics of religion, to great effect. The protagonist, a young man from a fishing village that is accepted into the academic institution and gets mixed in with the situation, is played well by Tawfeek Barhom; Fares Fares plays the government official who is trying to steer the succession of a religious leader from the outside, and he is equally efficient. The film is well-put-together, with cinematographer Pierre Aïm giving the film a nice look while editor Theis Schmidt gives the film a fine, snappy pace.

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