Fifth about The Seventh


Blanquita: there is not much that is easy to watch in Fernando Guzzoni’s film; inspired by true events, it follows a young woman who denounces a child prostitution ring that includes major Chilean politicians and businessmen. The story moves in some unexpected ways and in a lot of expected ways, considering that it includes a fight against powerful men. The main character, however, feels ultimately unexplored. It doesn’t help that Laura López plays the title character with exceedingly dead eyes; if it makes sense to have a damaged character be like that, it makes it harder to connect. Alejandro Goic, as the energetic father who shelters her and supports her fight, is quite good. The work of the composer Chloé Thévenin fits the material quite nicely. Editors Jarosław Kamiński and Soledad Salfate carefully add critical information as the film moves along.

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