Fifth about The Seventh

A Piece of Sky (Drii Winter)

A Piece of Sky: the starting point of Michael Koch’s drama is promising: a gentle giant of a man moves to a rural village in the Swiss mountains and starts a romantic relationship with a single mother. However, the story unfurls very slowly: more often than not, editor Florian Riegel keeps cinematographer Armin Dierolf’s images for a long time, after everything that deserves to be observed already was. Not that those images, particularly the external shots, are not beautiful, thanks to the charming environment where the action takes place. Also, the cast’s faces seem to be at a premium, so often the camera is relegated to observing them from their back. The story, in any case, can get very touching, and the two main performers (Michèle Brand and Simon Wisler) are very good. The film also uses the interesting device of a real choir commenting on the story.

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