Fifth about The Seventh

Diva (1981)

Diva: this film is a stylish and entertaining thriller put together by Jean-Jacques Beineix. It’s also somewhat unusual in its starting point, as a young opera-lover mailman records illegally a performance by a beautiful diva. The story straddles the cliché and the unexpected, and its colorful gallery of characters makes this more attractive. What truly sets this apart, however, is its visual style: production designer Hilton McConnico created some striking sets, costume designer Claire Fraisse dresses her cast very distinctively, and cinematographer Philippe Rousselot captures it all with a striking, colorful, stylized camera and lighting work. Acting is uneven: Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez, as the eponymous diva, is sweetly charming and has a wonderful voice; Frédéric Andréi, as the film’s hero, is appropriately awkward; Thuy An Luu, as one girl the hero meets during his, is the weak spot of the cast; Gérard Darmon and Dominique Pinon are thuggish and sinister.

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