Fifth about The Seventh

Back to Burgundy (Ce Qui Nous Lie)

Back to Burgundy: Cédric Klapisch’s family drama, centered around a trio of siblings from a winemaking family, is perfectly fine. Inoffensive, entertaining, charming, but ultimately not particularly memorable. The three main characters are all appealing and complicated people dealing with their past and future. Namely, the protagonist is the eldest brother, but while the film dedicates quite a bit of energy to the younger brother, the sister is sandwiched between them and doesn’t get the same attention. In any case, the film offers some insight into the minutiae of grape-growing and wine-making, which adds to its interest. The cast is doing good work: Ana Girardot, as the talented middle sister, could have used more time, but she plays well the character’s insecurities; Pio Marmaï, as the anguished older brother who comes back after a long time away, projects well the complex emotions; François Civil is fun as always as the bumbling younger brother upstaged by his siblings. The vineyards and properties are lovely, nicely captured in all seasons by cinematographer Alexis Kavyrchine.

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