Fifth about The Seventh

Three Quarters (3/4) (2018)

Three Quarters: this delicate and quiet drama, by Ilian Metev, takes a look at a family on the verge of separation. The eldest daughter is preparing for an audition that may take her out of the country, and the tension could be cut with a knife. It is a touching, observant, simple work, enhanced by the elegant camerawork by the director of photography Julian Atanassov. Mila Mihova plays the young pianist, insecure despite her talent, being eaten by anxiety; it is a rather nice performance. Her younger brother, a hyperactive dynamo, is played by Nikolay Mashalov, who mixes well his mischievous charm with an obvious love for his big sister. Their loving but distant father is played by Todor Veltchev, in a performance a bit too quiet. The film, edited by Metev himself, has a slow pace that requires some patience, but it feels rewarding by the end.

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