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The Worst Person in the World (Verdens Verste Menneske)

The Worst Person in the World: the title of Joachim Trier’s film suggests something the protagonist is not: she is a young woman, trying to navigate her own life, lost in professional endeavours and romantic relationships. She is very relatable, someone brimming with life, ambitions, and above all else, confusion about herself. Played brilliantly by Renate Reinsve, she is luminous, and her performance goes through a kaleidoscope of emotions and back. Anders Danielsen Lie, who plays the man she has a long relationship with, is equally good. Herbert Nordrum, as the other man in her life, is merely good, but he has a less interesting character to play with. Cinematographer Kasper Tuxen’s images are effective; so is the work of editor Olivier Bugge Coutté (even though the film could have been a bit shorter, it bookends the film, during its prologue and epilogue, with two perfectly chosen songs).

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