Fifth about The Seventh

Rifkin’s Festival

Rifkin’s Festival: maybe ironically, maybe not, but Woody Allen’s comedy is a film that his protagonist would likely hate, and he would not be wrong. Pretentious, repetitive, and dull, the main saving grace of the film is showcasing the charming city of San Sebastian. His pastiches of famous classic scenes feel lazy, and don’t really add much or go anywhere, instead just making the film more tedious; also, few of his one-line zingers work. Wallace Shawn is appropriate as the traditional Allen stand-in, a neurotic and insecure man with a penchant for relationships with women a few decades his junior. Gina Gershon is OK as his lovestruck wife. Elena Anaya is charming as the other crucial female character. Louis Garrel is well-cast but sleepwalks in the role of the promising and seductive film director. Solid production design by Alain Bainée and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro frames, lights, and moves the camera elegantly.

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