Fifth about The Seventh

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Guuzen to Soozoo)

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy: Hamaguchi Ryusuke’s modest little film tells three stories that are not connected, but all deal with relationships: those that were, those that are, those that could have been. It’s always welcome to have stories centered mostly around women, in particular out of a famously sexist society. The conversations in the film are very rich, but there is very little beyond dialogue going on; visually the film is very static and uninteresting. The performances by the eight cast members are very subdued. Furukawa Kotone leaves a mark as a bit of a manipulative young woman with an angelic face in the first episode; Mori Katsuki is quite good in the second episode, as a sexually frank woman with a great smooth voice; Urabe Fusako and Kawai Aoba play beautifully off each other in the third.

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