Fifth about The Seventh


Encanto: Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Charise Castro Smith go find inspiration for their animated musical in Colombia; perhaps there is something lost in translation, or perhaps not, but it’s still nice to try telling stories from other lands, which have different rhythms, colors, smells, sensibilities. The story is simple enough and ultimately low on conflict, but it touches on some very interesting themes (namely, how even love can put undue pressure on people) and packs an emotional punch. The gallery of characters is a good one, anchored around a very winning young woman. The voice cast is very efficient; Stephanie Beatriz is quite good as the proverbial ugly duckling of her family (but not literal, she is anything but). The animation is stunning to look at, very colorful and dynamic; the characters are well designed, very attractive, and distinctive. The music is excellent (both the score, composed by Germaine Franco and the many songs), inspired by the sounds of Colombia; the showstopper “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, performed by a large part of the cast, is dynamic and pure Lin-Manuel Miranda; “Dos Oruguitas” is a beautiful romantic track.


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