Fifth about The Seventh

Unknown Origins (Orígenes Secretos)

Unknown Origins: David Galán Galindo’s film is a mish-mash of a dozen different concepts: it’s a serial-killer thriller, a buddy-cop comedy, a super-hero origin story, a comment on geek culture, and its inspiring pieces can be seen from a mile away. The result is mildly entertaining, even if each part doesn’t particularly work: the comedy isn’t funny, the thriller is not particularly thrilling or interesting, the origin story is (admittedly, on purpose) very cliched. The protagonist starting abrasiveness is never justified, and his emotional journey never feels justified. Javier Rey has a chiseled face as advertised, and his acting is appropriate. Verónica Echegui looks good in cosplay, but her character is unconvincing due to the writing. Brays Efe is funny, but the tone of most of his scenes doesn’t really match well the film. Cinematographer Rita Noriega (assisted by production designer Roger Bellés) effectively recreates the nocturnal, high-contrast look of thrillers, as well as the bright and colorful look of comics.

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